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Akimasa Kajitani

I’ve worked as a wireless telecommunications engineer for over 20 years. I’ve been in the data-related business since 2017 (still doing wireless too). I use Alteryx, BI (Tableau, Looker Studio), Snowflake, etc.

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Alteryx ACEI have been an Alteryx ACE since 2022.
Tokyo Alteryx User Group LeaderTokyo Alteryx User Group Leader since 2022


Alteryxではじめるデータ分析入門Introduction to Data Analysis with AlteryxPublished by Impress Corporation

About Certification

This section lists the certifications I have earned. If I have obtained a higher level certification, only the higher level certification is listed.


Alteryx Designer Expert
Alteryx Micro Credential Machine Learning Fundamentals
Alteryx Server Administration
Alteryx Server Implementation
Alteryx Designer Cloud Core
Alteryx Designer Cloud Administrator

Certifications for Partner

Alteryx Certified Partner
* Discontinued from 2022
Partner Sales Certified
Partner Server Certified
* Discontinued from 2022
Partner Server Implementation Certified
* Discontinued from 2022


SnowPro Core

Accrediation for Partner

Snowflake Sales Professional Accreditation
Snowflake Technical Sales Professional Accreditation

Credly Badge Collection

SnowflakeData Cloud Deployment Framework
SnowflakeHands On Essentials – Data Warehouse
SnowflakeHands On Essentials – Data Applications
SnowflakeHands On Essentials – Data Sharing
SnowflakeHands On Essentials – Data Lake
SnowflakeHands On Essentials – Data Engineering


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