WeeklyAlteryxTips#40 How to use the Arrange tool?


This post is a subsequent of the previous post. Have you ever use the Arrange tool? This tool may be also less chance to use.

The Arrange tool is in the Transform category. This tool is to change the data how to have. But the case to use this tool is limited than the Cross Tab and the Transpose tool. However if you have a chance to use that tool, you must feel that the Arrange tool is very powerful.

What is the Arrange tool?

What situation can you use this tool? For example, there is the data which are two combinations x( longitude) and y(latitude).

For these data, you want to merge into x from x_1 and x_2 and y from y_1 and y_2, you can use the Arrange tool effectively. In this case, you can get the data bellow by the Arrange tool.

The Arrange tool output is almost the same as follows.

Set the Arrange tool

First, let’s create the “x” column that are merged by “x_1” and “x_2”. Click on the menu “Column” and select “Add” on the Arrange tool.

And then, the below dialogue will show so you need to enter your favorite new column name as Column Header and check the fields that you wanted to merge on the Fields.

And then, x field was set as follows.

Second, let’s create “y” field that the “y_1” and “y_2” are merged. You can do the same things.

Finally, check the fields that you want to keep on the Key Fields.

Regarding the Description, if you want to distinguish the sets, please enter the comment.

Finally you got the result below.


  • I explained the Arrange tool.
  • If you face at such a case, the Arrange tool is just fit very much.
  • However, you can use another some tools instead of the Arrange tool.

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