WeeklyAlteryxTips#13 Get the overview of CSV files using Field Summary tool and Auto Field tool


This post is similar to the previous post. This tips is how to understand the data efficiently. In the previous tips, I introduced the efficient way to understand the data using the Browse tool and the Auto Field tool. But in this tips, I would like to use the Field Summary tool and the Auto Field tool.

The advantage

The advantage of using the field summary tool is listability. This tool outputs the result as a table, the listability is better than the Browse tool.

So, let’s see the receipt.csv same as the before post. The workflow is as follows.

The Field Summary has three outputs. It would be better to connect the Browse tool to output anchors because they are shown another results.

O output : You can see the basic statistics in a table. When the data type is numeric, it shows scatter plots where the x-axis is the record number and the y-axis is the value.

R output : The contents are the same as the O output, but this anchor shows it as a report.

I output : You can see the Histgrams by forms of Intaractive charts. When data type is String, it shows frequency distribution charts.

O output :

O output shows the basic statistics for each field as a table as in the screenshot above. The items are different from each data type. The screenshot above is for the numeric field. You can see other data type in Help.

In the “Remarks” field, you can see the recommended action. For example, in this sample case, there is as follows in Remark column of “Quantity” record.

This field has a small number of unique values, and appears to be a categorical field. Consider changing the field data type to “string”.

This said this column may be a categorical field. You can follow this advice or not. But in this case, that is only a numeric field, so you don’t need to follow it.

R output :

Basically, the contents is the same as O output, but you can see them as reports by data types.

I output :

You can see the histgram.

Contents of the next blog

The next tips will be about the Auto Field tool.


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